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We are an annually published literary and art review with a unique focus on aesthetics and writing of all sorts. Here we offer student writers, thinkers, and artists of Rocky Hill School a common platform for publishing their original work. Contribute to our ongoing dialogue about all facets of life, be they economic or existential. 

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  - Musings
Letter from Sean Tinsley

A Letter from Sean Tinsley, English teacher at the Rocky Hill Upper School

Hidden Presences

Check it out! Our very own Head Copy Editor Jenna O'del ('16) has written a novel!

A big month for The Hill

We on The Hill’s upper management team are thrilled to announce the big month that The Hill had in January!

Imagination Default

6 min read

Hello Juniors. As you obviously know, we are all beginning the college process and deciding the future ahead of ourselves.

Creating Change

5 min read

Today, most states have laws that allow school boards to make dress code rules for students within their district. They try to promote a safe, disciplined school environment, prevent interference with schoolwork and discipline, and to encourage uniformity of students.



Jealousy is a green-eyed monster...

Lies I've Told to Children

2 min read


-clouds are...

The Rush

1 min read

I stand,
and I stare.
Looking at the faces before me,

The Empress

4 min read

The empress is made of fairy-dust—
Bleeding pure gold.
Sleeping soundly in her ivy-woven tower.
Her young face masked with bright, blossoming flowers
Guarded by snow-white swans, swimming through—
A maze of lily pads.


2 min read

A poem by Deirdra Irving


6 min read



2 min read

It is easy to be a duck,   To follow the nose of the heard without question,   To hope for the best while simply speculating,

Murder on the First Floor, Laughter on the Fifth

8 min read

A hooded man was walking down a street in the chilled fall air of a New England night. He was in one of those big cities, like Portland or Providence, a quiet city that lacked the commerce of Boston, or the energy of New York. Nevertheless, this man was walking toward an apartment building. It was a five-floor brick building owned by an independent company.


5 min read

Icarus dreamed he knew of a better world.
He tried to escape,
And he did;
For a moment, just a moment,

Colors to a Blind Man

3 min read

I rest the walnut bowl of my lyre in a flowered hollow at the base of a tree and cast my eyes into the shadows of the forest and the waterfall, pinning down the sharper colors in my mind.