The Editing Process

David Golding  |  October 30, 2013  |  2 min read  ・  in musings


Hello, I’m here to give you a brief walkthrough on the general editing process.

When a piece is submitted, the work can be viewed by the entire editing squad. As a group of five dedicated reviewers, we have the pleasure and honor of being the first eyes to peruse the raw, uncut literary thinking of RHS students. We maintain that we preserve the meaning of the student’s original idea in editing, and only make changes when absolutely necessary.

After the student’s submission has made it through the first tier of editing and onto the second one, it is left alone for a bit and returned to; we find that looking on a written piece with fresh eyes not only brings a whole new perspective to a student’s message in writing, but also allows us to edit more clearly and efficiently.

As the deadline nears, we do a brief scan of every piece, a mad-dash of sorts, to weed out any surviving errors; we seldom find any at this point, however. It is at this point that the written submissions are compiled. We are then able to strategically and meaningfully intersperse these pieces of literature within the aesthetically pleasing photographs of artwork, all of which culminates in a completed edition.

We have one simple goal in mind: to foster and encourage unfettered literary and artistic expression. We do this by providing a place in which there are no judgments or preconceived notions, only acceptance. We expect that all students are honest, forthright, and passionate in their submissions, and we as an editing team, accordingly, are the same way in all facets of our editing process.

I hope now that you understand in more depth the editing process behind the creation of The Hill that you will appreciate more our diligence and efforts in making a coherent and presentable compilation of RHS students’ works.