Sera Johnson  |  2 min read


The entire vessel shivered with a sense of excitement and adventure. We had waited so long for this. Our blood was alive, pulsating through our delicate veins. Shadows cast by the warm sun at our backs, didn't seem as dark as before.

We cast off confidently, almost foolishly. After-all, our hull was made from the essence of dreams and dreams can't be shattered. Gliding on an expanse of royal blue, how majestic we looked. Our sails captured the wild winds and tamed them into a steady drive that whispered Godspeed. Nature was on our side; we would succeed where others before us had failed.  

This was before we met Tempest.

Tempest had a sort of wild beauty, drawing us to her. Her hair swept around with snaps of electricity, lashing out with a careless but lethal and vicious force. Her fury was backed by despair and her tears leached us of any light we had in our spirits. Not even the strongest flames could prevail and we veered off our course to glory. She wrapped her damp arms around us, caressing us with violent sorrow and anguish.  She slashed through our happiness and cut out its heart all in the span of an instant. Then as quickly as she had come, she was gone.

The clouds raced to uncover the stars in the desperate hope they could burn away the dark blanket we were now shrouded in. Tempest had left us in a wide swath of destruction. When the moon showed  its hesitant face, surrounded by equally tentative stars, we lacked the will to go on and continue our quest to fame and glory. We asked her how could she have watched while one of her cousins crushed us into near oblivion. The moon was our guide, our friend, and our closest confident. She nudged us carefully forward, taking our dreams and stitching them back together with the utmost care. We listened to her comforting words and found strength to continue.

By the time the sun had risen, we were once again glowing and eager to continue. Tempest had destroyed us, but we were stronger than her. Her temper was only one dark spot on our journey, and there are always lanterns to chase away the dark.