By Alejandro Perez


Jealousy is a green-eyed monster that constantly pokes you in the back

And begs you to turn around.

So you try to sneak a glance

But you see something you regret.


Jealousy is a miner that digs deep into your soul

And pushes you into the hole it has created.

So you try to climb out

But you slip and fall.


Jealousy is a wild animal that knocks you to the ground

And leaves you there to struggle.

So you try to get back on your feet

But you realize that they are broken.


Jealousy is a weapon of mass destruction that threatens your well-being

And intimidates you.

So you try to dismantle it

But you watch it explode in your face.


Jealousy is an emotion that takes you by the neck

And strangles you.

So you try to free yourself

But you are unable to escape from the chokehold.