Lies I've Told to Children

By X.V.

-clouds hear the secrets you whisper to yourself at night

-thunder is just the earth scaring away the aliens

-the monsters in the closet are only there to hang up your clothes

-there is a black hole inside of every vacuum cleaner

-the ocean is blue because that is the mermaids’ favorite color

-the sun tastes like lemon jello

-dragons don’t like the color purple

-if you eat enough vegetables, you will be able to breathe underwater

-when you can only find one sock, a goblin probably took the other to wear as a hat

-you shouldn’t be scared of spiders because they’re the ones who make your clothes

-the sun goes to sleep at night so it can be warm and bright for tomorrow

-jellyfish are made when the lava from a volcano falls into the sea

-we can’t fly because we would all bump into each other by accident

-the leaves turn colors because little elves paint them when you’re sleeping

-stars guard over you while you sleep

-tigers have stripes because there wasn’t enough paint to make them completely orange

-octopi can read your thoughts through their suckers